Join Us in a Garden of Sisterhood & Motherhood

Welcome to The Momference® 2024, where we invite you to join us in celebrating the vibrant journey of motherhood. This year, our theme is “Bloom,” a tribute to the strength, resilience, and beauty found in every stage of motherhood. At The Momference®, we’re planting seeds of empowerment, nurturing growth, and giving moms their well-deserved flowers. Join us as we embrace the diversity of the motherhood experience, from the seedling stage of anticipation to the full bloom of celebration.

Get ready to cultivate connections, share stories, and discover the magic of blooming where you’re planted. Together, let’s create a nurturing space where every mom can thrive and flourish. Welcome to The Momference® 2024—where every bloom is celebrated, and every mom is honored.

The Details

Friday, June 7th, 3pm – Sunday, June 9th, 12pm

The Westin DC Downtown

999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Tickets to the Momference® are sold out

Get ready to bloom with us during a 3-day staycation!


The Momference® Welcome Check In Mixer

– Welcome to The Momference®, your floral paradise of rejuvenation and Black mama empowerment! Check in to receive your wristbands and delightful welcome bags and then head on over to the mixer to treat yourself to soothing floral-infused delights and connect with fellow bloomers.

*For our VIP guests, be sure to head to the Bloom VIP Lounge, where every additional welcome touch and detail is curated to ensure your comfort and delight.

Sunset Floral Run

– Lace up your sneakers and bloom with every stride for a breathtaking Sunset Floral Run through the heart of Washington, DC! Experience the city like never before as you traverse scenic routes adorned with vibrant blooms and picturesque landscapes.

The Momference® Kick Off – BloomBars

– Kick off your weekend at our speakeasy-style dinner, where the floor is yours to dance upon and your voice is welcomed with open arms. An evening of spoken word, poetry, jazz, and for a soul-stirring chat about sensuality in motherhood .



Sunrise Breakfast

– Start your day in full bloom with a delectable breakfast spread at The Momference! Let this breakfast be the first petal in your journey towards personal and collective flourishing.

**For our VIP guests, we’re thrilled to offer an extra touch of luxury at a serene seated breakfast amidst the blossoming beauty of The Momference, accompanied by moment with the keynote.

Self-Care and Shop

– A blissful morning where wellness meets retail therapy. First, immerse yourself in a sanctuary of pamper suite offerings by providers designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Next, explore the Mommy Market, a treasure trove of handpicked goodies tailored to modern moms.

Bloom: The Conference

–  Dive into a vibrant tapestry of conference programming designed to ignite your passion, nurture your growth, and inspire your journey. Embark on transformative workshops, where you’ll cultivate new skills, explore emerging trends, and connect with fellow attendees in a supportive atmosphere of growth and learning.

From wellness practices to career development strategies, there’s something to help every mom bloom to her fullest potential.

Don’t miss our captivating mainstage conversations, where our keynote, sponsors, and luminaries in the field of motherhood and empowerment will share their insights, wisdom, and personal stories of triumph journey.

Bloomchella – A Hippie Nightcap

–  It’s time to let your inner flower child bloom at Bloomchella! Join us for a night of hippie vibes, good vibes, and groovy tunes with your fellow bloomers.

Sip and sway to the rhythm of the night at our cash bar, serving up refreshing libations to keep the energy flowing. Discover Instagrammable installations and activities at Bloomchella: where the spirit of the ’60s meets the beauty of modern motherhood.


Rise and Bloom – Wellness Workouts

– Whether you prefer to sleep in and savor the tranquility or jumpstart your day with an invigorating workout, we have something to suit every bloom.

Step into the rhythm of the day with our lively Jazz, Step, or Cardionomics classes, where every beat will inspire you to move and groove. If you prefer a gentler start to your morning, immerse yourself in the serenity of our yoga and stretching sessions. And for a soul-stirring experience like no other, join us for our Gospel Walk, where the uplifting melodies of gospel music will carry you on a journey of faith, joy, and community.

Cheers to the Bloom Life – Closing Brunch

–  Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the beauty of the blooming life as we bid farewell to The Momference® with hearts full of anticipation for the beautiful journey that lies ahead. Join us for a brunch experience like no other, where every bite, every sip, and every conversation is infused with the essence of blooming brilliance.

The Programming

Sunday Wellness Sessions