Guide to Washington D.C.

Need a Ride?

Check out Alto, the Official Ride of Momference 2022!

Promo code: MOMFERENCE5

Offer: $5 off 2 rides (valid for Alto members only)

Valid on: 5/21

To redeem your promo code:

  1. Open or download the Alto app.
  2. Create an account and join as a member – your first 30 days of membership are free!
  3. Select the profile section of the app and tap promotions.
  4. Enter the promo code and don’t forget to preschedule your ride!

To preschedule your rides:

  1. In the Ride section of the app, enter your pick up and drop off locations and click Confirm.
  2. Tap the clock on the bottom right part of the screen to see available pickup times.
  3. Select your pick up time. Allow for a 15 minute pick up window from your selected time.
  4. Complete your booking. You will be able to track your ride in your app when it’s on the way.
  5. To confirm the prescheduled ride, go to the Profile section in the app and click on Prescheduled Rides. You should see yours there. 

*Please note prescheduled rides must be booked at least one hour in advance and can only be booked by Alto members.

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