The Momference™

Renaissance Downtown DC Hotel

Saturday, May 18 2019

8:30am – 5:30pm

*Doors and Registration open at 7:30am and Happy Hour kicks off at 5:30pm

2019 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Amira Ogunleye 

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist, Mother of Two


Tatyana Ali

Actress, Speaker, Philanthropist, Mom of Two

IG: @Tatyanaali

Khadeen Ellis

Actress, TV Host, Mom of Three

IG: @Khadeeniam

Main Stage

Masther Classes: How Mama Got Her Glow Back

Mommy In the Streets – Remember the woman you were before you had kids? She’s still there and you’ve got to refuse to let her go! Join experts on health, beauty, fashion, fitness and hair as they share tips and inspiration to keep you glowing!

Mommy between the Sheets – Let’s dive into how postpartum emotions, body image, stretch marks impact mommy’s sex life; mentally and physically. We’ll explore and identify tips, and strategies to navigate healthy sexual and romantic relationshipsthey share tips and inspiration to keep you glowing!

Tracks: Give, Grow, Glow

Experts in motherhood and licensed practitioners will provide in depth insight on parenting styles to include; appropriate discipline techniques from toddler to teens,   healthy communication styles appropriate for all stages and ages,  and identifying and understanding children with special needs across all spectrums! This panel also encourages moms to understand their roles in their child’s life. 

The Boss Mama title reflects moms in different stages of career: the 9-5 moms, the mompreneurs, the stay at home moms and the blogging moms! We’ll dig into real life tools, tips and strategies to navigate these lanes strategically and successfully. 

Through stories and the work of our panelists, we will identify and understand the wounds of maternal experiences – maternal care, infertility, childbirth, endometriosis, postpartum depression and more  – and how we heal and grow from them through advocacy, education and mental health care. 

During these workshops you will gain additional insight on how to navigate your community as a special needs mother or ally, how to educate your child through engaging every day activities, and how to identify career strengths in your child as early as toddler years and beyond into the teen years…

During these workshops you will learn how to make passive income without a huge social media following, will be equipped  to make well informed financial decisions and planning for you and your child , and be empowered to make working motherhood work!

During these workshops you will identify how to make self-care work for you on your own terms, understand how nutrition affects your mental heath and postpartum, and practice tips to zen out in the midst of chaos.